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About Us

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A few years ago we bit the bullet and decided to grow our first pumpkin crop. As it turned out, we had a lot to learn! The years that followed saw an increase in demand for this wonderful vegetable, and so we turned more of our land over to pumpkin production. We now supply retail outlets up and down the country and pride ourselves on the quality of our crops.


 Once we started growing pumpkins on a large scale, we became interested in all things Pumpkin! In 2015 we couldn’t keep our pumpkin enthusiasm contained any longer, and we decided to share our interest in this magical vegetable. From this, Planet Pumpkin was born!


The aim of Planet Pumpkin is to share information and experience in growing great pumpkins, as well as inspire each other to utilize this great vegetable in the most creative ways. Whether you are looking to challenge the Guinness world record for the biggest pumpkin ever grown, warm your winter with a tasty pumpkin soup or grow a splendid pumpkin to take Cinderella to the ball, we hope that you will join our community and be part of the great pumpkin revolution!